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Almost all of us have heard about the shaker style at some point. It represents a special concept in the production of furniture for the kitchen and the whole house.
You can create your own kitchen design. From the idea to the planning to the fully installed complete kitchen, specific requirements have to be met and important decisions have to be made.
Many often ask the question - which technique is better: stand-alone or built-in? Today we try to compare and find out which is better and for whom.
Here are 6 contemporary European design ideas which will make your kitchen a modern place which suits every interior.
Kitchen renovation is always a costly endeavor: not only should you refresh the fainted colors and replace shabby furniture; you also have to consider also utilities systems, such as gas, water, electricity, heating, air-conditioning etc.
White furniture seems to be impractical: it is a real “fingerprint magnet”, it doesn’t fit any interior, it’s posh and expensive… Right? Wrong!

This finish makes the furniture look less “aseptic” and adds a “shabby chic” effect.

Do you feel this tempting smell of simmering stew and pumpkin pie? Do you almost hear rustling of autumn leaves and see ceramic or wooden Shepherdess and the Sweep on the mantelpiece? Here we are – in a cozy family farmhouse kitchen, the best place to meet your friends and close ones, feel loved and cared about however old you are.

Authentic Italian kitchen cabinets have become a sign of prosperity and style. Customers from all over the world are eager to purchase ones, not caring about high price, long delivery time and other obstacles.

That’s why it’s so disheartening after all those efforts to get a cheap fake instead of real Italian cabinets and other pieces of furniture. But we know how to tell the difference.

Modern apartments and houses tend to have an open play layout, which implies combined kitchen and dining/living rooms. Such a solution has its pros and cons, let’s have a closer look at them.
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