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How to tell an Italian kitchen from a fake?

08 September 2021
Authentic Italian kitchen cabinets have become a sign of prosperity and style. Customers from all over the world are eager to purchase ones, not caring about high price, long delivery time and other obstacles.

That’s why it’s so disheartening after all those efforts to get a cheap fake instead of real Italian cabinets and other pieces of furniture. But we know how to tell the difference.


Check manufacturer's certificates

Reliable Italian kitchen cabinets manufacturers provide all the needed certificates to prove that their furniture complies with European quality standards. Moreover, there must be a sign “100% made in Italy”. If there is no such a mark, or just “Made in Italy”, odds are good that a sly company uses only some Italian accessories, and the rest is manufactured somewhere else.

Well-known Italian manufactures are usually run by the single family for decades and even centuries and they have a long and fruitful history. It must be also reflected in the certificates and/or on the company’s site.


italian kitchen cabinets | Lugano

Cabinets delivery time from Italy

Genuine Italian kitchen cabinets manufacturers don’t have pre-assembled sets in stock as they process each order individually. Quite logically, it takes time to produce your kitchen set and then ship it to the USA - not even mentioning waiting in a queue, which may also take up to half a year. If a company promises you to deliver an order sooner then in several months, you are likely to be tricked.



True Italian kitchen cabinets serve their owners for generations, and a manufacturer doesn’t fear to provide a long warranty. If there is not any – maybe the selling company is not as sure in the quality as it wants to be.


Italian kitchen cabinets | Bellagio

Italian kitchen Price

Italian kitchens cost more than the majority of analogues. Materials, production, technologies, manpower and shipping are all expensive, so the result just can’t be cheap or even moderate-priced. Of course, even the best brands have their sales and special offers, but even then, not everybody can afford such a purchase.



For respected manufacturers, reputation is everything. They will for sure have official dealers and representatives, showrooms and catalogs. Each potential customer will be provided with free material samples and detailed information on every piece of furniture they get.

When delivered, the order will be perfectly packed and you’ll find a detailed description of your purchase enclosed. You’ll be able to spot brand marks on each carton as well.


Is it worth buying?

That’s a tricky question.


On the one hand, Italian furniture is prestigious, beautiful and luxurious. On the other hand, Italian kitchen prices may be discouraging. The good news is that you can get the same quality and pay less!


ESCabinetry isn’t an Italian manufacturer – but we produce high-quality European style furniture, using all the most  progressive technologies and the most eco-friendly materials.


We don’t try to befool our customers and we don’t pretend that our sets are produced in Italy.


But we use the same materials and production facilities as our European colleagues, our productions are equipped with exactly the same German machines which are used at the best Italian manufactures.


We take Italian projects as an inspiration and you’ll get your order in a couple of weeks or even days instead of 4-5 months. Not even mentioning a very affordable price…

Contact us and we’ll answer all your questions!