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How To Create Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen

06 November 2021

Do you feel this tempting smell of simmering stew and pumpkin pie? Do you almost hear rustling of autumn leaves and see ceramic or wooden Shepherdess and the Sweep on the mantelpiece? Here we are – in a cozy family farmhouse kitchen, the best place to meet your friends and close ones, feel loved and cared about however old you are.

But what if you are not one of those lucky guys who were raised and bred at such a family nest? Create your own one! And we’ve prepared a few tips on a farm house kitchen style.

Farm house kitchen style: utility and simpleness

Our grandparents knew the cost of things. If they bought – or most often, made – farmhouse kitchen cabinets, this furniture served the family for generations. All the surfaces, items, drawers, and utensils had their functions, they were never just “decorations”.

Let every item count and fulfil its purpose. Don’t overload your kitchen with knick-knacks and trinkets. Truly farmhouse furniture is sturdy and reliable, as a slow-paced country life.

Less pretentiousness, more simplicity and functionality.


Geometrical constructions

What is easier for a mediaeval carpenter – to make a simple rectangular cabinet or carve veiny and over-decorated panels? Farmhouse shaker cabinets have become a true symbol of an honest living and simple joy of family evenings.

Their humble charm creates a unique atmosphere of stability and rural coziness. Recessed panels and simple handles look aesthetic and firm, they are easy to clean and maintain, and their light finish makes a kitchen visually brighter.


farm house kitchen style


Pastel shades

Acid-bright or shiny-gloss surfaces may be chic and fashionable, but they are by no means homely and heart-warming. Have a look at shaker cabinets: they are white, creme, yellowish, beige, natural, but very seldom dark or bright.

There is a reason for it. In days gone by our great-grandparent tended to mend and keep things as long as they could. Items faded out and got a characteristic “shabby” and “sepia-like” look. Nowadays we don’t wait for decades while a brand-new cabinet goes old and grey – we produce it this way.

Farm style kitchen decor: sun and air

Let the light in! Use light farm style kitchen decor and brighten the space with fresh but soft colors. Add more tiny details: open wooden shelves, clay mugs, embroidered cloths etc. Put some mason jars and vintage accents, get inspired by the old photos or modern collections.

And remember: whatever you choose, you can be sure that we’ll produce, deliver and install the whole set in a couple of weeks and for a very affordable price.

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