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Ideas for coordinating Your Kitchen with White Cabinets

09 December 2021

White furniture seems to be impractical: it is a real “fingerprint magnet”, it doesn’t fit any interior, it’s posh and expensive… Right? Wrong!


Let us dispel these and other myths about white kitchen cabinets and other elements of furniture sets. Just a few arguments why white kitchens are a great choice:

  • They are visually spacious and full of light.
  • White kitchens fit any interior style, be it Hi-Tech or Baroque.
  • Accessories and tiny knickknacks may change them radically.
  • White furniture is always trendy and luxurious, even if it is not costly.


Here are some ideas on how to use white kitchen cabinets sensibly.


white kitchen cabinets ideas  white kitchen cabinets

Cabinets Design matters

Shiny white surfaces from a High Gloss collection have almost nothing in common with humble and sturdy white Shaker cabinets. The former are sparkling, glossy and futuristic, the latter remind us about good old days and timeless values. But whatever you choose, you can find it on our site and customize as you need.


Pick up the color

White may be extremely different. Snow white kitchen differs from a creamy white one. Think of the palette: will it be more transparent, pastel, warm or cold? Do you prefer dazzling glossy cabinet doors or tend to soft colors?


Decide on the details: black or bright nuances may come in just handy. For example, cabinet handles, hinges, furnishing or finish.


snow white kitchen


Arrange your cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets must be functional and spacious, that’s their main aim. Use 3-D modeling or seek professional advice to fit as many different cabinets at a linear foot as you can. And of course, you’d better buy the whole set in one style.


Don’t be afraid of dirt

After all, that’s a kitchen. You can’t avoid stains and splashes of orange juice. But the modern furniture is easily cleaned and maintained because of its sleek finish, it doesn’t absorb smells nor grease.


Be natural!

Use as much wood, stone, metal and other natural and eco-friendly materials as you can. Plastic looks cheap, gets easily dirty and yellowish and cracks in a couple of years of use.


white kitchen cabinets


Add rustic accents

Or Victorian ones. Or futuristic hints. It’s all up to you but make your kitchen stylish.


And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need the help of a designer! EScabinetry provides the full range of kitchen furniture, you can always adjust our models to your personal needs and customize them as you want.