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What is an industrial style kitchen?



Industrial-style kitchens embrace a simple and utilitarian design aesthetic, celebrating raw materials and rugged fixtures and finishes. These kitchens often showcase highly-textured elements like exposed concrete, steel, brick, and wooden beams, incorporating them as integral parts of the interior scheme.
Drawing inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces, the industrial look has become a prominent trend in interior design. It takes cues from workspaces, resulting in kitchens that feature elements reminiscent of their hard-working origins. Butcher's blocks used as islands, stainless steel countertops, and the use of rails and hooks all contribute to the industrial touch in these spaces.

Industrial kitchen cabinets

  • Industrial kitchen cabinets are a key component of industrial-style kitchen designs, contributing to the overall raw and utilitarian aesthetic. These cabinets are characterized by their sturdy construction, simple lines, and rugged finishes. Here are some features commonly found in industrial kitchen cabinets:
  • Metal Cabinets: Industrial kitchens often feature cabinets made of metal, such as steel or iron. These cabinets offer durability and a sleek, industrial look. They are often left unfinished or with minimalistic paint or powder-coated finishes to showcase the natural qualities of the metal.
  • Open Shelving: Instead of traditional closed cabinets, industrial kitchens often incorporate open shelving. These shelves are typically made of metal or wood and provide easy access to frequently used items. Open shelving adds to the utilitarian appeal of industrial-style kitchens and allows for the display of kitchenware and decorative items.
  • Reclaimed Wood: Industrial kitchen cabinets may incorporate reclaimed or distressed wood elements. These add warmth and contrast to the metal components, creating a balance between the industrial and natural elements. The wood can be used for cabinet doors, drawer fronts, or as accents.
  • Minimalistic Design: Industrial kitchen cabinets often follow a minimalist design approach. They have clean lines, without excessive ornamentation or decorative details. The focus is on functionality and the natural beauty of the materials.
  • Industrial Hardware: To complement the industrial look, cabinets may feature hardware made of metal, such as brushed steel or iron. These hardware pieces, such as handles, knobs, and pulls, add a touch of industrial charm and complete the overall aesthetic.
Industrial kitchen cabinets offer a unique and distinct style that embraces the ruggedness and simplicity of industrial design. They provide ample storage space while contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of an industrial-style kitchen. Whether it's the sleekness of metal cabinets or the combination of metal and reclaimed wood, industrial kitchen cabinets add character and personality to the space, creating a functional and stylish environment.