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Classic kitchen cabinets

Classic kitchen cabinets | Florida Clearwater, Tampa


White classic kitchen cabinets  Classic cabinets design



A kitchen is a place where the family can gather every day and discuss their day. Cooking for loving housewives is a special ritual, not just a daily task. Therefore, it is important that the furniture for the kitchen is beautiful and of high quality. It can be classic kitchen cabinets or other types of kitchen furniture. 


The size of your cabinet is determined by the size of your kitchen. If the kitchen is small, many owners place a large table and upholstered furniture in another room. Only the essentials are left in the kitchen. This can be classic cabinets and a minimum of appliances. 


Furniture in the kitchen is not limited to functionality. To create a mood and atmosphere, it is important that you like the look and color of it. Many of our clients prefer classic white kitchen cabinets. It is also important to optimally organize the space. When choosing a cabinet, you need to consider the following points: 


  • The size of the cabinet and cabinets;
  • The shape of the cabinets;
  • The number of built-in elements;
  • The material of manufacture;
  • The design and style of the furniture. 


Our company EScabinetry makes furniture of any complexity and any size. We also have cabinets in shaker style.  And classic kitchen cabinets are represented in a wide range. With us, you will find what is perfect for your kitchen. 


Classic kitchen cabinets design


Kitchen cabinets come in three shapes: straight, designed to fit two sides of a wall, and covering three sides of a wall. Straight units look perfect in large kitchens in combination with classic white cabinets. Built-in details are important for optimum space organization. 


Our customers often prefer classic cabinets, which have lots of drawers, equipment modules, and dryers. We are prepared to make furniture with any number of additional elements. In this matter, you should be guided by your own preferences and tastes. 


Finishes for classic cabinets 


The top row of the kitchen set consists of hinged cabinets. These compartments are suitable for storing utensils and non-perishable food. Also in the upper row, you can place the hood cabinets. These are usually small and lightweight cabinets. Hinged modules include the following elements: 

  • The frame;
  • Facade;
  • Internal filling.


Designs can be open or closed type. Classic cabinet designs can combine any client's wishes. 



Classic white kitchen cabinets 


Classic kitchen cabinet design requires us to be creative. Because it's important that the furniture in your kitchen looks organic, stylish, and beautiful. We are constantly developing new models for this purpose. We modernize old models with new details and solutions. We try to use all popular and less popular colors in furniture design. 


Black and classic white kitchen cabinets are in great demand among those who prefer classic, aged interiors. If you have any questions about our models, write or call us.