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White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets


White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets.

The main front design of Base Line Cabinets.



What are white shaker cabinets?

White shaker kitchen cabinets are characterized with unadorned 5-piece doors with a recession in the central part, clean and sharp geometrical lines, lack of decorative elements or excessive furnishing. It doesn’t mean that such a model doesn’t include any beadboards, edgings and rails – they are just not necessary but still possible.



Classical White Shaker Kitchen, $6 250


white shaker kitchen cabinetswhite shaker kitchen


white shaker style kitchen cabinetswhite shaker cabinets




How did they get their name?

There was a religious society called Shakers in the XVIII century. Believers led simple lives full of hard labour and prayers. They earned an honest livelihood and got well-known for their solid, reliable, high quality and simple still aesthetically attractive furniture. They were the first to invent and manufacture white shaker style cabinets.



White Shaker Kitchen and Gray Granite Countertop, $9 850


white shaker style cabinets mixed with gray ceramic



So shaker cabinets are good quality, aren’t they?

Exactly. One of the best solutions you can come with. They have literally nothing to break down, crack or fall apart.

EScabinetry white shaker style kitchen cabinets are made of eco-friendly natural materials (MFC), they are resistant to high temperatures, moisture and vapor. They are sound, plain and roomy – after all, they should be not only appealing but also useful.

White shaker cabinets are very affordable. Elaborated designs and finish of other models make a lion share of their total cost, and as Shakers Society doesn’t demand any copyright royalties, their cabinet solution is free and  the overall price is minimal.



White Shaker Kitchen, $4 950

white shaker kitchen cabinets | artificial lighting


White shakers and style

Shakers style never grows old; it is a top choice for every kitchen.

A white shaker kitchen makes a solid base for any interior. You can design and remodel your home or apartment many times and keep the same kitchen, as it will fit every project.

Pay attention: Base Line collection offers white cabinets, but you can choose any color you want or even order a customized palette. Of course, the price will rise a little, but not drastically.

Moreover, shakers fit any decorations and styles. Bleached walls? A great idea. Ceramic tiles? Nothing can be better. Wooden floors? Say no more.


White Shaker Kitchen, $5 500

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets | artificial lighting



Practical side

Shaker cabinets and drawers demand low maintenance. Simple geometry and lack of furnishing make this furniture extremely easy to clean and wipe. Laminated surfaces don’t absorb grease and smells, recessed panels don’t keep dust or stains.

As we have already mentioned, this style is a timeless trend, compatible with any other colors, designs and solutions. Be classy. Choose white kitchen shaker cabinets by EScabinetry.