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High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

High gloss kitchen cabinets are at the high demand. In contrast with other popular styles, they are extremely modern, shiny, even futuristic.

Sleek mirror surfaces look luxurious and glamorous, cutting-edge accessories would fit even a spaceship.


High Gloss White Dyed Kitchen and Bathroom Vanity, $15 800

High Gloss White Dyed KitchenHigh Gloss White Kitchen Style

High Gloss White Dyed Kitchen | CountertopHigh Gloss White Contemporary Kitchen

High Gloss White Bathroom VanityHigh Gloss White Contemporary Bathroom Vanity



High Gloss Black Acrylic and Stainless Steel Kitchen, $17 900

high gloss black kitchen cabinetsblack kitchen cabinets
modern gloss kitchen cabinetshigh gloss black kitchen cabinets | white countertops
high gloss black kitchen cabinets | gas-stove Black High Gloss and stainless steel upper cabinets with push-to-open system
High gloss black cabinets | ventilation hood
High gloss black acrylic and aluminum metallic kitchen with hettich hinges and drawers, 2 blinds corner organizer, trash container, big drawers inside.
European style modern high gloss kitchen cabinets have undeniable advantages:
  • Variety of colors. Be it shiny white or coal-black, silver-grey or creamy, it will be equally awesome.
  • Glossy mirror-like finish reflects light and visually makes a kitchen more spacious.
  • Water-, grease- and smell-proof surfaces: acryl doesn’t absorb any substances.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Hard but still eco-friendly materials.
  • “Hidden” door handles (only selected models): just gently push the door to open it!
  • Custom models: you can choose a color, accessories, size and other details.
  • Affordable price.



High Gloss White Kitchen, $10 150


shiny white kitchen cabinetswhite gloss kitchen cabinet doors



High Gloss White and Black Wooden Kitchen, $7 900


glossy finish kitchen cabinets


Glossy kitchen cabinets by EScabinetry are already pre-assembled: you don’t have to do a puzzle or play tinker toys, we’ll do it for you!
Theoretically, high gloss finish may be applied to any furniture style, but practically such cabinets are usually simple, sharp and functional, without any additional panes or decorations.
Being put together, such cabinets look as a one-piece surface with fine seams. Your kitchen turns into a time capsule!
Be daring and innovative with EScabinetry!