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Time is the main resource of our rapidly changing world. A contemporary kitchen cabinets should take into account the needs, lifestyle, habits of a modern person. New solutions in design and know-how from manufacturers of household appliances make the process of cooking easier and faster.


EScabinetry  will help you find the righ one because it has its own production of European kitchens. All materials are 100% from Europe and certified. Sold under the EScabinetry brand, with ready-made or custom designs.


Contemporary Kitchen VS Modern Kitchen Style

The progress and changes that have taken place in the way of life, habits of people over the past 20 years, could not but be reflected in interior design of contemporary style cabinets. Simplicity and functionality have replaced luxury and pathos. Here are the main differences of contemporary kitchens against modern style ones.

 1. Convenience and comfort;

 2. Total built-in (appliances, headset, storage systems and even a soap dispenser);

 3. Taking into account the rules of ergonomics;

 4. Neutral color base;

 5. Simple and geometric shapes


Contemporary European cabinets, finishes and colors

The neutral overall color scheme of contemporary style kitchen cabinets creates an excellent base for the subsequent bias in a certain direction - ethno, loft, scandi, high-tech, etc. With the help of decor, you can change the mood of the interior, create accents and contrasts. Neutral contemporary cabinet colors create a background against which bright accessories and decor items look more impressive: curtains, cushions on chairs, vases, etc.

The main requirement for decor is conciseness and moderation. It is important not to disturb the harmony and not bring chaos into the environment. The same applies to the choice of curtains for  contemporary cabinets.

You can diversify the interior of euro contemporary cabinetry not only with the help of accessories, but also by combining materials with a complex, pronounced texture. For example, the interior decoration of the kitchen-living room can be an accent wall tiled with red brick tiles, or a wall finished with wooden slats.

As for lighting, lighting of the working area of contemporary european cabinets is mandatory. Chandelier for the kitchen in a contemporary style can be both accent and fit into the interior as much as possible.

White Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

The most stable trend in the design of contemporary kitchens cabinets is snow-white glossy kitchens with no handles. The popular notion that a white kitchen is impractical is receding into the background and being replaced by the desire for a bright and fresh kitchen in every home. And the very phrase that it is hard to take care of a white kitchen has long been refuted, and modern materials for the kitchen are easy to care for and have long been making the life of their owners only more pleasant and easier.

Smooth facades of contemporary kitchen cabinet designs are not only convenient, but also practical: cleaning such a kitchen is more convenient and easier. This choice is increasingly being made by families with small children: for a child who is just learning to walk, it is more difficult to open such cabinets, which means they are safer.

White color has been unpopular in interior design for a long time, but contemporary cabinets design takes a different approach because the materials that are most often used for modern kitchens are extremely practical and do not get dirty.