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Flat Kitchen Cabinets

flat kitchen cabinets


white flat kitchen  flat kitchen style



Delicious food, harmonious relationships, and a good mood cannot be created in an atmosphere of chaos and disorder. If the kitchen is the main part of your home that determines success in setting these tasks, cabinets are the key to its achievement.


Flat panel kitchen cabinets


Fitting all the kitchen utensils and organizing food storage is not an easy deal. However, planning and installing the right number and type of cabinets will help you accommodate not only dishes but everything that can be stored in the kitchen. And for housewives and owners of small houses, the right cabinet is just salvation!


Flat panel cabinets are optimal for both large homes and small studios. The ideal shape, which allows you to place the cabinet along the wall from floor to ceiling, perfectly fits into any interior. Their depth can be chosen in accordance with the area of your kitchen or studio, and the number of cabinets can be determined by the estimated volume of their future contents.


Flat kitchen cabinets are designed in such a way that they allow you to store a variety of things without the risk of damage to one or another. For example, keeping construction tools in one cabinet won't stop you from storing groceries in another and kitchen textiles in a third. They are hermetically separated from each other, which makes them an optimal storage place.


What material is used for flat kitchen cabinets


Flat kitchen cabinets by Escabinetry are made from eco-friendly materials (wood, solid wood, high-quality plastic, acrylic, glass). Prepared parts are covered with a matte or glossy on your choice.

The choice of material for flat panel kitchen cabinets depends on your budget, the quality of the renovation of the room, and the features of lighting and use. Color and design are also agreed upon before the order is approved.


White flat panel kitchen cabinets


The favorite of our customers is white flat panel kitchen cabinets. The main advantage of the white color is that it makes the room brighter. This is a godsend for low-light kitchens or windowless studios. Due to merging with the walls’ color flat white cabinets visually make the space larger and do not create a feeling of clutter.


Thus, if you decide to update your kitchen or organize your space more efficiently with flat-face kitchen cabinets, choose a design and tell our manager all your wishes regarding the details. You can also let us know your choice of European-style white kitchen flat cabinets as a hot seller. We will install the kitchen of your dream today.