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European contemporary kitchen design - 6 ideas

10 January 2022

Kitchen is the real heart of every household. No wonder, it should be cozy, comfortable, well equipped and modern, as renovation will be quite costly. Moreover, if one day you decide to sell your house, the kitchen must meet the expectation of the new owners, so you had better not choose too extravagant design.

Here are 6 contemporary European design ideas which will make your kitchen a modern place which suits every interior.

Maximum kitchen space usage

There is usually empty space above the cabinets, isn’t there? The place for dust, spider webs, empty cans and bottles. Why don’t you use it for another tier of cabinets? You can store here some dishware or lasting foods like canned and pickled vegetables, jams, pasta, cereals etc.


European contemporary kitchen design


Another option – set two rows of cabinets, but make them a little bit bigger, so that they take all the empty space. In such a case you, most likely, will have to order custom furniture, as standard models have a predefined size.


contemporary european design


As for the design, feel free to be creative: you can keep the same style as for the “main” cabinetry or can choose another color – it’s up to you!

Recessed rows

Do you remember Shaker cabinets with recessed panels? Let’s do the same on a greater scale: European contemporary kitchens look stunning with a recessed row of cabinets. You can also have them in the same color scheme as the splashback zone, and even a small and humble kitchen will look modern and elegant.


white shaker style | european materials


Empty walls

Euro contemporary cabinetry may be various. For example, you may completely exclude overhead cabinetry from your layout, letting in more light and air. Big base cabinets can fit all the kitchenware and supplies, and you’ll have a free “working area”, where you’ll be able to cook without the risk of bumping your head against a cabinet.


european contemporary kitchen

A kitchen island

If your kitchen is big enough you can set an island in the middle of it. It may be a multifunctional zone: a dining table, an additional sink, cabinets for storing supplies, a surface for chopping and slicing vegetables – whatever you need.


euro contemporary cabinetry

Explicit extract ventilation

Traditionally this element of the in-built kitchen utility system is hidden and discreet, but what for? Modern trends allow you to show it off, so let it be truly remarkable and stylish.


kitchen island with explicit extract ventilation

Materials mixture

Gone are the days when we couldn't use different materials in one interior. Marble and wood, laminate and natural stones, glass and chip boards – try them all and choose the best combination.

European contemporary kitchen – what’s it?

First and foremost, a contemporary kitchen is not a piece of art or a sitting room for guests – it’s a working zone and the heart of the home. A modern kitchen must be functional and comfortable, with lots of cabinets, reliable utility system and space to fit all the appliances.

EScabinetry offers you several collections of Euro contemporary cabinetry. You may select ready solutions or opt for customized design. Whatever you choose, we’ll help you to find the best value for your money.