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Pros and cons of built-in appliances in the kitchen cabinets

12 February 2022

kitchen cabinets for built-in appliances


Many often ask the question - which technique is better: stand-alone or built-in? Today we try compare and find out which is better and for whom.

Special Features

The functionality of stand-alone and built-in techniques in the mass segment is almost the same. But in the segment of expensive professional equipment, separate devices have no competitors. But it can also be noted that it is not always profitable to replace free-standing appliances with built-in ones.

Repair price

Everything built-in is easier to hide in the interior, but it is harder and more expensive to replace in case of breakage.

Device price

Here, the sum consists not only of the high cost of the device itself. Costs will immediately increase due to furniture for the installation of built-in appliances. In this case, it is more profitable to take a stand-alone device, which does not need a frame and an additional door.


Advanced developments are needed mainly for built-in technology. If you have the opportunity, you can install an app, which will control your smart kitchen. The app will help you with cooking and make your life easier. But you can notice that there is a technique built into the technique. Today we can buy a refrigerator with a built-in TV in the door.

Which refrigerator is better - built-in or stand-alone

Of course, built-in refrigerators fit better into the interior. But customers often opt for stand-alone models. Indeed, a freestanding refrigerator is more spacious and cheaper.

Another option is a built-in two-chamber side-by-side refrigerator. Not everyone will like this solution if you have the opportunity. Two freestanding refrigerators fit more than a built-in side-by-side and cost less, but don't look as cool anymore. A separate issue is design. Both built-in and freestanding refrigerators can play along with the interior. You choose a built-in refrigerator or a stand-alone one - it should fit the lifestyle of your family. A stand-alone one can also be hidden, or it can be highlighted. You need to either make it invisible or make it an art object. The customer is confused about not only the volume of a built-in refrigerator but the hard-to-open door also. Ventilation is worse than that of a stand-alone one. A freestanding refrigerator also has disadvantages, such as constant dust in the gaps, and for the convenience of opening the door, it has to be pushed forward, which ruins the composition.

Which washing machine is better: built-in or stand-alone

In general, a stand-alone one is better: it is cheaper, more spacious, has more functions and does not harm the cases. If there is a separate room for the washing machine, then there is no point in hiding it additionally behind the furniture facade. So, the kitchen is not the best option for placing a washing machine. Because washing machines often break down. To pull it out, you have to tinker. But she also has a plus - appearance.

Which range hood is better - built-in or hanging


built in appliance cabinet


Built-in and stand-alone hoods are equally popular. The choice depends on the company, the power of the model and the style of the room. A built-in hood significantly expands the possibilities to make the kitchen more interesting, but it also has a minus - weak power. In order for a powerful hood to work correctly, you need a powerful motor and a large airflow.

In aesthetic terms, the question of which hood is better - built-in or conventional suspended - does not have a definite answer. It depends only on you: whether you want to hide it, or vice versa, highlight it.

Which dishwasher is better - built-in or freestanding



The dishwasher is more convenient built-in. But it is better to take a stand-alone one if you want to take it with you from a rented apartment. Dishwasher built-in or freestanding - can be wide and narrow. It is better to take a wide one if you have a family of more than four people, and a narrow one if you have fewer.

Stove and microwave oven: separate or built-in


double oven built in cabinet


Stand-alone stoves in the mass segment are a rarity. But the microwave is still a frequent guest on the countertop or elsewhere. A built-in microwave is more expensive than a freestanding one, but it saves countertop space. From an aesthetic point of view, it is preferable to a stand-alone one.

In small kitchens, it is better to install an oven with a microwave function, this will help you save space.

A very convenient solution is a column with a built-in oven and microwave oven. In this case, the microwave does not “interfere” on the countertop, and the oven is conveniently located at arm level.