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Tips to Lower Cost Small Kitchen Remodeling

10 January 2022

Kitchen renovation is always a costly endeavor: not only should you refresh the fainted colors and replace shabby furniture; you also have to consider also utilities systems, such as gas, water, electricity, heating, air-conditioning etc. Average kitchen remodel cost always exceeds the cost of dining-, living- or bedrooms remodel, but there are ways to save money, and we are going to share them.

Kitchen remodel tips

A kitchen is considered small if its square is less than 150 square feet, so a classical 10X10 linear feet kitchen is definitely small. On the one hand, it implies fewer expenses, on the other – you have to be creative.

  • Choose the best layout. Place your counters, cabinets and appliances along one or two walls, but never overcharge the space with U-shaped layouts (three walls).
  • Opt for lightweight furniture. Massive stone islands and sturdy kitchen cabinets will make your small kitchen even less, while Shaker cabinets are affordable, reliable and capacious.
  • Decide on your priorities. You can easily store some supplies or appliances under the stairs or in the closets.

Average kitchen remodel cost

The renovation cost depends on numerous factors. Here are some tips to decrease it:

  • Consider DIY practices: small kitchen remodel does not take much time; for sure, you can repaint cabinets or set the tiles by yourself. Opt for quality over quantity. You don’t need a lot of furniture – a small kitchen is not spacious enough – so purchase sets which will serve your family for generations.
  • Compare different contractors. Select the ones who offer a “turn-key” service and offer free delivery and installations.
  • Set your budget and never consider loans.
  • Choose eco-friendly but still affordable materials. You’ll spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s crucial to make this space cozy and healthy.


These kitchen remodel tips will help you to save money and get the best quality.

Small kitchen remodel: advantages

One of the main advantages of renovating a small kitchen – you don’t have to move out. You can easily stay in the house and even use the kitchen: while one part of it is being remodeled, the other is disposable.

Another point: small kitchen remodel will be cheaper than renovation of a more spacious room. It may be especially important if you follow the trends and renovate your home every several years.

Last but not least: you don’t have to hire lots of contractors and subcontractors. Some tasks you may even perform by yourself, for others you’ll need just a couple of specialists.

How to find an affordable kitchen remodel near me?

You have already found all that you need! Kitchen remodel tips are not the only help, which we can provide: we can also create a kitchen design for you, offer several furniture collections, make sure that the offered outline fits your kitchen, deliver purchased items, assemble and install them. Just give us a call!