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How to buy a kitchen: useful tips

09 August 2021

Buying a kitchen may become a real challenge. Not only should this set be reliable, affordable and aesthetical, it must also fit your kitchen space (which may be quite far from any standard) and comply with the whole interior.

Follow our humble tips and choose your kitchen cabinets wisely. And never forget – we are always here to help.


Define your budget

Never ever sink all your available money into one kitchen project, remember, that the set cost is just about a half of the sum needed. After buying furniture, you’ll have to pay for its delivery, assembling and installation, additional customization, fitting in and decoration may be needed. After that, you’ll go on to buy different kitchen accessories: curtains, decorative elements, stylish saucepans etc., which also increase your expenses.

EScabinetry offers a “turn-key” service, so our kitchen prices for a linear foot include all the related works and tasks. Anyway, be cautious and don’t stick to the chosen set only, keep in mind several cheaper substitutions – just in case you exceed your budget.


Measure your kitchen

Calculate how many kitchen items you’ll need: don’t forget to include a sink, a cooker, different pantries, wall and vanity cabinets. Decide on how many kitchenware you have and where you are going to keep it.

Of course, measuring each spoon and honeypot may be too tiresome, that’s why most producers offer standard stock cabinets compatible with the majority of houses and apartments.

Check all their dimensions on the site before ordering and make sure that customization is possible if needed.


useful tips for buying a kitchen

Decide on cabinet styles

Each reliable retailer provides a variety of styles, and EScabinetry is no exception. Check our offers to find a wide range of European or American designs in all the possible configurations, shapes and colors.

Here are two main collections:

Shaker cabinets are easy to maintain, they are stylish, elegant and durable. On the other hand, this style may seem a little bit old-fashioned or not elaborate as it really lacks decorations.

High Gloss sets are shiny, modern and futuristic, they don’t absorb grease or odors, but they are vulnerable to dust or stains – such impurities may be noticeable on sleek and mirror-like surfaces.

Cabinets may also be framed or frameless. The former have a special frame between the box and the door, which makes the construction more durable and reinforced. It’s a classical American approach, but nowadays European-style frameless models are getting more and more popular.

If you don’t know what to choose, ask our consultant for help.


Consider all the details

Material matters: you want your kitchen to serve you long and be eco-friendly, don’t you? Even taking into account these basic expectations, different options are possible.

Solid stone or wooden furniture is extremely sturdy and luxurious - and dreadfully expensive. Modern materials, such as MFC with ceramic or melamine finishes are no less chic (especially with customized design), but much more affordable. At last, you can stick to mass market production: still good and sturdy, but, of course, with zero individuality.

Accessories matter: what can be more irritating than squeaking hinges, loose joints or seizing sliders? Of course, in the showroom all the units look ideal, but not all of them are capable of surviving even a couple of years of daily use.

Your comfort matters: make sure all the doors open freely, drawers slide in and out smoothly and cabinets and pantries can fit all what you need. EScabinetry uses hardware and fittings by Hettich and Blum, which have already proved their quality and reliability through the years.


useful tips to buy the kitchen cabinets


Mind the retailer

Companies differ a lot. Even if you have found an ideal retailer with a huge stock and good bargains, pay attention to the following:

  1. Does it have its own production? If not, it may be quite difficult to get reimbursement or unit replacement in a case of a warranty claim. The company may claim that it’s not their fault but the manufacturer's, and you will get involved in endless legal battles. Not even mentioning that buying directly from a manufacturer is always cheaper than paying to an agent, a retailer or other third parties involved.
  2. Can they customize your purchase? A good retailer has several lines for different budgets. There must be an option to alter and customize each unit, as you need.
  3. Does the company provide a “turn-key” service and does it offer a clear and explicit price list? Are you aware of the final cost before signing an agreement? Has anybody explained to you what you are paying for and what services are included?


Overall, buying a kitchen is not a big deal when you know the ropes, but you may need some experience and assistance. Don’t hesitate to ask, we are here to help.